DanceIT Body Fit uses different styles of dance as the basis for fitness classes within the community. The popularity of dance at the moment is at an all time high and DanceIT Body Fit allows everybody to experience dance and improve their fitness whilst getting a fun and effective workout.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or what prior dance experience you have had the classes are for everybody. Classes have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on enjoyment and making all participants feel comfortable. All classes are mixed ability and throughout each class different variations are offered to suit all fitness and skill levels. You get a challenging and fun workout that suits you by choosing which variation you do for each move. Over the weeks you will notice huge improvements in not only your physical fitness but in your confidence and self-esteem too!


The DanceIT Group is made up of three separate programmes;

1.   DanceIT Body Fit  specialises in using dance to improve health and fitness.

2.   DanceIT Party offers a range of birthday party activities for all ages.

DanceIT Education uses dance to improve literacy, numeracy and citizenship through an extensive
      range of projects within primary and secondary schools.



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